NatMEG - The Swedish National Facility for Magnetoencephalography

Overview of Services

The Swedish National Facility for Magnetoencephalography (NatMEG) is a national infrastructure where researchers from all across Sweden can perform whole-head measurements of neuronal brain activity using a state-of-the-art 306-channel MEG system with integrated 128-channel EEG.

The MEG system is housed inside a 2-layer magnetically shielded room (MSR) and uniquely equipped with wide array of best-available equipment for stimulation (visual, auditory, somatosensory, olfactory and more), measurement of and registration of responses (psychophysiology, eye tracking, behaviour and more) all handpicked, modified, installed and verified for millisecond timing in the MEG environment. NatMEG not only provides access to the superbly equipped MEG lab, but also provides training and support to users in experimental design, piloting, measurements and analysis.

NatMEG is a national infrastructure, available for researchers from all across Sweden. Warmly welcome to visit NatMEG, and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you are interested in visiting or accessing the NatMEG facilities and support. 


Overview of lab equipment (for more details see NatMEG website):


  • Magnetoencephalography (MEG): Elekta Neuromag TRIUX  306-channel system (102 magnetometers, 204 planar gradiometers).
  • Electroencephalography (EEG): 128 channel EEG system integrated into the Elekta Neuromag TRIUX (we currently use 128 channel caps, 74 channel caps and 128-slit custom montage caps from EasyCap)
  • Biochannels: 12 bipolar channels, for recording of electrooculgraphy (EOG), electrocardiography (ECG), and electromyography (EMG) integrated into Elekta Neuromag TRIUX (we currently use the EL508 electrodes and  LEAD108 and LEAD108a from BioPac for most biochannel measurements. We also use the EL254RT for facial EMG).
  • Triggers and time-locking: A total of 32 digital channels and 24 analog channels sampled in parallell and synchronized to the MEG, EEG and biochannels data.
  • Magnetically shielded room (MSR): two-layer MSR, model Ak3B from Vacuumschmelze GmbH.
  • Eye tracking: EyeLink 1000 binocular tracker from SR Research (the current installation runs at a maximum of 1000 Hz, tracking both eyes binocular)
  • Psychophysiology: for psychophysiology measurements beyond ECG and EOG we use an MP150 system from BioPac. In the current setup, we have modules for measurements of ECG, GSR, respiration and blood oxygenation.


  • Visual stimulation: FL35 LED DLP projector from Projection Design (he current installation runs at 32 bit color in 1920*1080 @ 120 fps. Maximum field of view is about  63 (horizontal) x 41 (vertical) degrees)
  • Auditory stimulation: headphones (binaural SoundTubes, model ADU1c, from KAR Audio) or speakers (Sound Showers, model SSHP60X60W, from PanPhonics).
  • Electrical nerve stimulation: two DeMeTec SCG30 stimulators, either with felt tips for median nerve stimulation, or with ring electrodes for single phalange stimulation.
  • Olfactory stimulation: Monell 9-channel olfactometer.
  • Tactile  fingertip, toe and lip stimulation: 4-channel Somatosensory Stimulus System from Biomagnetic Technologies.
  • Proprioceptive and/or tactile finger stimulation: 5-channel custom-built PAM system from NatMEG Guest Professor Veikko Jousmäki.
  • Pleasant touch stimulation: custom-built 2-arm brush robot system from NatMEG Guest Professor Veikko Jousmäki.
  • Mechanical pain stimulation: we use a custom-built pressure algometer from Somedic.


Location and hours of operation

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Nobelsväg 9


17177 Stockholm

Links and Resources

  1. NatMEG Official website


Name Role Phone Email Location
Christoph Pfeiffer
Head of Unit
+46 70-247 85 98
Nobelsväg 9, 17177 Stockholm
Andreas Gerhardsson
Postdoctoral Researcher
Nobelsväg 9, 17177 Stockholm
Josefine Waldthaler
Postdoctoral Researcher
Nobelsväg 9, 17177 Stockholm

Available Equipment and Resources

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