Electron microscopy unit (EMil)

Overview of Services

The electron microscopy unit (EMil) is situated at Karolinska Universitssjukhuset Huddinge. Our EM lab routinely perform embedding, sectioning, immunolabelling, low temperature embedding and microscopy.

Our aim is to help researchers to solve biological questions using various electron microscopy techniques. We have extensive experience in conventional preparation for TEM and SEM including immunohistochemistry, morphometric analysis, negative staining, low temperature techniques such as low temperature embedding and cryo-sectioning. The unit manages two transmission electron microscopes TEM (FEI Tecnai G2 Spirit BioTwin and Hitachi HT7700) and one scanning electron microscope (Zeiss Ultra 55).

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday   


EMil (F52)

Karolinska universitetssjukhuset Huddinge

14186 Huddinge

Links and Resources

  1. The electron microscopy unit EMil KI website
  2. Elektronmikroskopienheten, EMIL


Name Role Phone Email Location
Lars Haag
Research coordinator

EMil lab
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Karolinska University Hospital Flemingsberg