The Biosafety Level 3 laboratory (BSL3) at Biomedicum

Overview of Services

The Biosafety Level (BSL)-3 laboratory at Biomedicum is a recently established infrastructure at Karolinska Institutet developed to meet research needs on highly pathogenic microorganisms. The facility is located in Biomedicum, Solna. It was brought into operation in 2018 shortly after the move to Biomedicum.

The BSL-3 laboratory is located in Biomedicum Quarter C9 and totals approximately 180 m2 of state-of-the-art laboratory space. This cohesive infrastructure was developed to serve the increasing medical research needs of Karolinska Institutet on risk-group 3 viral, parasitic and bacterial pathogens. It serves a growing body of investigators at Karolinska located in pre-clinical and clinical environments and is open to partnerships in academia, healthcare and the private sector.

Access to the BSL-3 Facility

If you are a new user, requesting access to the BSL-3, please print and fill documentation below and bring them in person to the core admins:

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

8.00 am to 16.00 pm

 Biomedicum Building, C9


Links and Resources

  1. The Biosafety Level 3 laboratory (BSL3) at Biomedicum KI website


Name Role Phone Email Location
Antonio Rothfuchs
Facility Director

Duncan Tazvinzwa Njenda
BSL3 Research Engineer and Operations Manager

Nuno Ramos Rufino de Sousa
BSL3 Technician and Operations Manager

Marjo Riita Puumamlainen
BSL3 Coordinator