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Primary cells constitute a valuable resource for studies of disease mechanisms. The studies are, however, frequently accompanied with challenges, as primary cells often require high standards in terms of cell culture hygiene and are also difficult to manipulate using conventional transfection techniques.FACT provides 2 cell culture laboratories suitable and safe for culture of primary cells and also gene manipulation with the use of lentivirus and adenovirus vector systems.Our mission is to provide an environment where scientists can culture and manipulate primary cells and their derivates. Support is available and adjusted to the level of previous experience from primary cell culture and virus vector systems. Our intention is that FACT should constitute a synergistic platform where scientists can meet with the aim to troubleshoot and share experiences.


Daniel Hägerstrand | Director

August Lundholm | Staff

Cecilia Österholm Corbascio | Scientific application specialist

Erik Sundström | Scientific application specialist

Jessica Alm | Scientific application specialist

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Monday - Friday    

9:00 - 17:00h

Akademiska stråket 1

BioClinicum J10:30

171 64 Solna



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