Overview of Services

OncPat/Theme Cancer core facility is available at the department of Oncology-Pathology and theme Cancer at BioClinicum. Only authorized persons can use the instruments. New users need an introduction to the instruments and to the rules for the lab to get authorized. For work with human material, a risk assessment, HUMRA, is needed. Contact biosafety delegate Paula Mannnström if assistance is needed.

Instrument and Services:

  • Incucyte live cell analysis - Incucyte S3. Location: J5:30, room U230 05 2510
  • Flow cytometry - NovoCyte 3000 and NovoCyte Quanteon 4025. Location: J6:20, room U220 06 4100
  • Real Time PCR System - QuantStudio™ 7 Flex. Location U230 06 3300
  • Histology services includes sample preparation services and usage of Cryostate Cryostar NX70. Location: J6:30 Room U230 06 4100


Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Hours Open: 24/7   

Hours staffed:
Mon - Fri, 9:00 - 16:00h 


Akademiska stråket 1


Links and Resources

  1. IncuCyte live cell analysis
  2. Flow cytometry
  3. Real Time PCR system
  4. Histology services


Name Role Phone Email Location
Paula Mannström
Administrator IncuCyte live cell analysis, Infrastructure group, QS7-PCR
070-278 2961
BioClinicum J6:14
Weng-Onn Lui
Administrator Flow cytometry facility
070-291 1228
BioClinicum J6:20
Anna Malmerfelt
Administrator Histology services
073-939 8488
BioClicum J6:30
Andreas Lundqvist
Infrastructure group
08-524 823 71
BioClinicum J6:20
Katja Pokrovskaja-Tamm
Infrastructure group
073-933 3641
BioClinicum J6:14
Leonard Girnita
Infrastructure group
073-679 3205
BioClinicum J6:14
Takashi Shibano
Administrator QS7-PCR

BioClinicum J6:30
Elisabeth Mooussaud-Lamodière
Administrator Opera Phenix
070-714 05 87
SciLifeLab A4710

Service & price list

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Histology: Cryo sectioning (5)
Histology: Embedding (2)
Histology: Paraffin sectioning (2)
Histology: Stainings (2)
Histology: Education (1)
Histology: Additional charges (1)

Available Equipment and Resources

Flow cytometry facility (1)
IncuCyte live cell analysis (2)
Quantitative PCR system (1)