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Overview of Services

Import Portal (Portalen) is a core-facility at the Department of Comparative Medicine Karolinska Institutet.
Import Portal is a quarantine unit equipped with IsoCage system (600 cages) and 4 isolators intended for small rodents.

KI researchers who import new genetically modified animal-models from various institutions or companies in the world need to ensure that the health status of the animals is standardized according to the KI requirements. Imported experimental animals need to be quarantined for a certain period of time and then tested for pathogens according to the FELASA-list.

Animals with non-approved health status usually need to undergo so-called re-derivation (purification via embryo transfer). In collaboration with Karolinska Center for Transgenic Technicians (KCTT) Import Portal is also offering housing of those animals. We also offer space for animal models that undergo cryo-archiving at KCTT or EMMA (European Mouse Mutant Archive).


Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday  

7:00 - 15:00h    

von Eulers väg 5C

17177 Stockholm

Links and Resources

  1. KI Import portal - Portalen website


Name Role Phone Email Location
Olga Lund
Core facility manager
46 852 486 692
KM Wallenberg animal facility, von Eulers väg 5C