CriCS - CRISPR Center Sweden


CriCS is based in Biomedicum Solna and has two branches: CRISPR-based Functional Genomics - CFG, a national, SciLifeLab-funded infrastructure, and Karolinska Genome Engineering - KGE, a Karolinska core facility.


CFG offers state-of-the-art CRISPR-based functional genomic techniques

  • Genome-wide or custom CRISPR-KO / CRISPR-inhibition screens for loss-of-function studies
  • Genome-wide or custom CRISPR-activation screens for gain-of-function studies
  • Targeted CRISPR-screens with single cell transcriptomic readout
  • Design, creation and screening of any custom guide-libraries up to 200,000 guides


KGE offers flexible CRISPR-based precision gene editing in any cell type

  • Gene-knockout
  • Knock-ins of reporters and tags into endogenous loci
  • Small mutations (point mutations, insertions, deletions)
  • Full support for iPSCs together with the iPS core facility
  • Strategy and reagent design for CRISPR transgenic mice
  • Base-editing, prime-editing
  • Genotyping support


Both facilities are open to the entire Swedish research community.



Bernhard Schmierer PhD | Director



Biomedicum 9B, Solnavägen 9, 171 65 Solna


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Bernhard Schmierer
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