Radiopharmacy Core Facility

Overview of Services

The main purpose of Radiopharmacy core facility (RCF) is to promote the use and development of PET tracers in translational research from preclinical to clinical applications as well as within routine nuclear medicine diagnostics.

The major focus for RCF is radiochemistry development and production of radiotracers which can be broadly applied for imaging research in psychiatry, neurodegeneration, oncology, inflammation, cardiovascular disease etc.

A combined core facility, RCF, by KI and SLL is essential for the supply of existing and development of novel PET tracers for preclinical and clinical PET studies within all applications for both academia and for pharmaceutical industry sponsored studies.

Location and hours of operation

Working Hours:   

Monday - Friday  


8:00 - 17:00h

Links and Resources

  1. The KI RCF Official page


Name Role Phone Email Location
Thuy Tran
RCF Manager: Region Stockholm
072 7418988

Guennadi Jogolev
RCF Manager: Karolinska Institutet
070 720 41 02

Erik Samén
072 581 58 28

Christer Haldin
Scientific director
070 484 49 89