Proteomics Biomedicum

Overview of Services

Proteomics Biomedicum is the proteomics core facility at the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics located in the Biomedicum building. We provide a broad range of services using best available proteomics techniques and methods with focus on quantitative proteomics, both label-free and multiplexed TMT-labeling.

Based on our experiences accumulated in many years, we are always glad to discuss projects related to identification and quantification of proteins and assist with experimental design as well as to deliver high quality results.

We are proud to open the door of the facility and welcome few and single cell proteomic projects. We have recently established an experimental workflow that allows us to analyze extremely low amounts of proteins extracted from single cells and generate quantitative results with reasonable depth of the proteome.

Similarly, we are able now to work with low number of cells that has been a challenge earlier when samples were available in limited amounts.


  • Single cell proteomics by mass spectrometry
  • Large scale quantitative proteomics experiments using label-free or isobaric labeling (TMT and TMTpro) quantification stratedies
  • Targeted proteome analysis, including SureQuant analysis of plasma/serum samples
  • Accurate molecular mass determination of peptides and small proteins
  • Detection of posttranslational modification and their localization on the amino acid sequence
  • General protein identification in gel and solution

Operating Guidelines

From October 1, 2020 the following guidelines are introduced:

After discussion but before submission of samples, the customer is kindly requested to provide a brief description of the project. The customer would need to choose (and/or) different levels of services:

  • Contract (service) analysis (Research data acquisition. No data analysis or interpretation will be provided by facility. Archiving and public access is customer’s responsibility. No intellectual property will be retained by the facility. No authorship demand by facility. User fee will be applied.)
  • Collaborative analysis (Besides research data acquisition (for which the same user fee will be applied as in Contract (service) analysis), data analysis and interpretation will be provided. Archiving and public access will be provided. Intellectual property will be shared & authorship will be shared (see Rules on Intellectual Property and Publications for details).

Proteomics Biomedicum is also happy to be engaged with Collaborative research, when the facility is part of the grant application together with collaborator(s) and develop new analytical methods applicable to collaborator’s analytical problem.


Roman A Zubarev, PhD – facility director

Ákos Végvári, PhD – head of facility

Carina Palmberg - technical expert

Marie Ståhlberg - technical expert

Zhaowei Meng – LC-MS engineer

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monay - Friday  

9:00 - 17:00h

Biomedicum A09, Solnavägen 9

171 65 Solna

Links and Resources

  1. Proteomics Biomedicum KI website


Name Role Phone Email Location
Akos Vegvari
PhD – head of facility
08-524 877 07
Biomedicum A0953

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