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In recent years, electron microscopy has undergone extremely rapid development through a combination of significantly better optics, sample processing, detectors and image processing. The development has given rise to the so-called “Resolution Revolution,” which in recent years has gradually increased the average resolution of biological preparations significantly. Part of the discoveries and methodology resulted in a Nobel Prize to Richard Henderson, Jaques Dubochet and Joachim Frank.

At the beginning of this revolution, a visionary decision of the then Karolinska Institutet’s (KI’s) leadership was made to build premises for a future electron microscopy center nearby the Biomedicum building at the KI Solna campus. These premises have now been built specifically for high-end biomedical electron microscopy. During 2019-2020 we will equip the newly built KI 3D-EM center with the best possible equipment and thereby enable a much broader group of KI researchers to utilize the enormous advances in electron microscopy in recent years.

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Nobels väg 12



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Sergej Masich
Nobels väg 12, room 5117