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About us

KI Biobank is located at Karolinska Institutet in Solna. Since 2004 we provide a modern and high-tech infrastructure for pre-analytical handling, storage and distribution of human biological. Our biobank services cover three main areas:

Study start-up
Advice throughout the different phases of the research study. For example, before you start your collection, we can help you with the ethics application, consent forms and sample donor information. To provide best possible help, we advise you to contact us in good time before the planned starting date.

Sample handling
We ensure that your research samples are securely stored in alerted freezers, and that each tube is traceable. We extract DNA from blood, cells and tissue. Further, we can prepare the viable cells. On behalf of the researcher, we pick out samples from each collection and send them to the designated laboratory for analysis.

KI Biobank uses several IT-solutions for registration, traceability and visualization of samples and data. We also offer IT solutions for registration and management of study participants, collection of individual-based data from multiple information sources and / or longitudinal measurements as well as other information on biological samples such as test results. KI Biobank offers state of the art integrated microservices tools for sample traceability and data, regarding samples being stored both at KI biobank facility or anywhere else at KI.


Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday

8:00AM - 16:30PM           

Karolinska Institutet

Campus Solna


Nobels väg 12A

Stockholm, Sweden, SE-17177

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Mark Divers
Head of KI Biobank
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