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Flow cytometry is a central technology in biomedical research allowing multiparametric analysis and isolation (by cell sorting) of rare cell populations down to a single cell from complex cell mixtures.

The Biomedicum Flow cytometry Core facility (BFC) is located at the 3rd (entrance) floor of the Biomedicum research building at the Karolinska Solna Campus (see visiting address). The BFC provides open access to all interested researchers at KI and Karolinska Hospital regardless of their affiliation and strives to provide each user with skilled services, education and training to achieve high quality research.

The facility was first established in the 1980s at Tumor Biology department. It belongs to the department MTC and has received support from Knut och Alice Wallenbergs Stiftelse, it is currently supported by core facility funding from KI/SLL. To cover running costs, the facility charges fees for services (see user Fees for detailed information). 

When publishing data generated from the facility, please use the following phrase: “We acknowledge the Biomedicum Flow cytometry Core facility (Karolinska Institutet), supported by KI/SLL, for providing cell sorting services**/cell analysis services**/technical expertise**/scientific input**”. **delete as required.

Laboratory safety and Risk assessment

A risk assessment shall be carried out in order that everyone shall have a safe work environment, and to raise risk awareness. Prior to cell sorting, the facility requires individual risk assessment for each new project (under the "Request Servies")

  • The Biosafety Committee at KI has created a risk assessment form for microorganisms, BARA (Biological Agents Risk Assessment).  A risk assessment should be done for handling of micro-organisms in risk group 2 and higher (including cell cultures).
  • For risk assessment of blood and other human sample material, the Biosafety Committee has created a form HUMRA (Human Sample Material Risk Assessment).
  • For microorganisms and cell lines that have been genetically modified, refer instead to ’GMM-applications’. GMM of all risk groups should be risk assessed.
  • Work with all chemicals with a ‘hazard statement’ should be risk assessed, refer to ’Risk assessment – Chemicals’

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday  9:00-17:00h    

Biomedicum floor 3 (C3)

Solnavägen 9, SE-17177 Stockholm


Useful Links

BFC FACS website

A more detailed introduction to flow cytometry

Training for using DiVa software

FlowJo Tutorials


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Name Role Phone Email Location
Maria Johansson
Facility Manager
08-52486739, 0730 386452
Biomedicum C0312
Juan Basile
Research Engineer
08-52487138; 07-02032993
Biomedicum C0312