Swedish Twin Registry

Overview of Services

The Swedish Twin Registry, managed by Karolinska Institutet is the largest of its kind and has become an invaluable resource for medical research. The Registry was established in the 1960s and contains information about some 85 000 twin pairs for which zygosity is known, both mono- and dizygotic pairs. At present there are around 30 projects ongoing based on its data. The studies cover a variety of topics on public health issues such as allergies, cancer, dementia and cardiovascular disease.

STR is domiciled at the Karolinska Institutet since 1959. It was originally established to study the importance of the environment for the development of cardiovascular disease and cancer. Since then, interest has expanded to almost all common diseases and health problems. We have contacted all living twins and we are now the world's largest twin registry. A substantial number of scientific articles have been published on data from STR and currently approximately 50 new articles come out each year.

Steering group meetings and deadline for applications 2021

18 February (deadline for application 11 February)

18 May (deadline for application 11 May)

23 September (deadline for application 16 September)

9 December (deadline for application 2 December)

Links and Resources

  1. The Swedish Twin Registry KI website
  2. Search and select research variables in the Swedish Twin Registry


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